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About Istanbul Aikikai

“Istanbul Aikikai” has been established in 1997 by Ayhan KAYA Sensei, who is also the Chief Instructor of the organization. Istanbul Aikikai is affiliated with both the “ASU: Aikido Schools of Ueshiba Organization” which is located in United States of America and with the “Aikikai Foundation The Aikido World Headquarters” located in Japan.
On April 1st, 2016, “İstanbul Aikikai Organization” has been granted the “Hombu Recognition” certificate, giving the right to represent its country in international organizations (similar to the limited number of outstanding organizations which are granted this certificate), by “Aikikai Foundation The Aikido World Headquarters”, pursuant to the recommendation of Mitsugi Saotome Shihan, who is the founder of “ASU Organization” and student of O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba (founder of Aikido) for more than fifteen years. The certificate which has international validity and importance, grants an official authorization to the “Istanbul Aikikai Organization’s Founder” Ayhan KAYA Sensei to conduct “Kyu” and “Dan” exams on behalf of “Aikikai Foundation” and “Hombu Dojo”, to award and issue ranks according to the results of the exams and to organize mutual events together with “Hombu Dojo”. In this regard, all of the certificates issued by “Istanbul Aikikai Organization” are acknowledged by “Aikikai Foundation” and have international validity.

“Istanbul Aikikai” hosts at least one international organization per year, by inviting world-wide acclaimed Shihans and promotes seminars which such Senseis are provided with the opportunity to share their technical, subjective and objective experiences. In addition, by participating in various bridge/friendship seminars in different countries (especially in Japan, U.S.A., France and the Netherlands), the instructors and students under Ayhan KAYA Sensei’s leadership, have the frequent opportunity to share their own experiences in international platforms and to obtain new theoretical and practical knowledge and abilities.
As it has been in the past, “İstanbul Aikikai”, will continue to be an organization that promotes its activities according to principles defined by O’Sensei and in the light of “Aikikai Foundation The Aikido World Headquarters” rules; principles of meticulousness in development and instructing, supported by the moral energy force shared with all members of “Istanbul Aikikai” (especially Ayhan KAYA Sensei, founder and chief instructor) and pursuant to the aim of moving along the path for striving for enlightenment on a continuous basis.
“Istanbul Aikikai Organization”, provides trainings in its various Dojo’s mentioned below, both for adults and children under different study methods and by various instructors based on the principles promulgated by its Chief Instructor Ayhan Kaya Sensei in the “Main Dojo”:

  • İstanbul Aikikai’s Main Dojo
    Terakki Vakfı Okulları Akatlar Campus (Levent, Beşiktaş – İstanbul)
    (For Detailed Information:
  • Koç Group Sport Club
    Bağlarbaşı Korusu (Kuzguncuk, Üsküdar – İstanbul)
    (For Detailed Information:
  • Ankara Fudoshin Dojo (Ankara)
    (For Detailed Information:


History of Aikido

Dojo Rules 

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